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Clinical PRF Research

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a blood concentrate system derived from human peripheral blood. A solid and a liquid PRF-based matrix can be obtained by centrifugation in accordance with specific centrifugation protocols without the addition of anticoagulants or external chemicals.

The solid PRF consists of a three-dimensional fibrin matrix in which platelets, leucocytes and plasma proteins are embedded. The clinical need for a liquid PRF matrix led to the development of the injectable PRF (i-PRF) by J. Choukroun and S. Ghanaati. The i-PRF development was based on the low speed centrifugation concept (LSCC) which indicates that reducing the applied relative centrifugation force leads to an enhanced number of leucocytes and platelets in the i-PRF matrix and thus a higher capacity of growth factor release. Accordingly, an advanced PRF (A-PRF +) was developed in the solid PRF matrix by J. Choukroun and S. Ghanaati that enabled an even distribution of the platelets throughout the fibrin scaffold and enhanced the number of the included platelets and leucocytes. Different in vitro studies have demonstrated the benefits of the low speed centrifugation concept in enhancing the PRF capacity to release growth factor and make it an ideal fully autologous drug delivery system.

PRF is 100% autologous and aims to use the patients’ own regenerative capacity in a highly concentrated form to support wound healing and regeneration. Solid and liquid PRFs are used in combination with biomaterials such as membranes, scaffolds or bone substitute materials in order to perform a biologization of the acellular biomaterials with autologous cells and growth factors and thus enhance and accelerate the regeneration process within the implantation bed.

In oral and maxillofacial surgery, PRF-based matrices are used in different fields such as socket preservation, sinus augmentation, and bone augmentation in accordance with GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration), periodontal regeneration techniques, cranio-mandibular dysfunction treatments, aesthetic surgeries and rejuvenations.

In this context, FORM-lab is a conglomerate of national and international clinicians consisting of dentists, oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons focusing on the clinical evaluation of different PRF protocols based on the LSCC in different indication fields and their combination with biomaterials in ongoing clinical studies.

External clinical research fellows

Prof. Dr. Ralf Roessler

Member of board DTMD

University for digital technologies in medicine & dentistry (Luxemburg)

A-PRF+ and i-PRF in combination with collagen-based biomaterials for periodontal regeneration

Dr. Henriette Lerner

Private practice HL-Academy – Baden-Baden (Germany)

A-PRF+ in combination with biomaterials to accelerate bone regeneration


Dr. Torsten Conrad

Private practice – Bingen (Germany)

A-PRF+ and i-PRF influence on the regeneration capacity of biomaterials applied within three-dimensional bony defects

Dr. Holger Janssen

Private practice – Berlin (Germany)

I-PRF in surgical treatment of periodontal defects A-PRF+ in bone regeneration after socket preservation

PD. Dr. Michl Stimmelmayr

Private practice – Cham (Germany)

A-PRF+ in soft tissue regeneration and gingiva biotype improvement